3rd ECP Summer Summit

European Chemistry Partnering goes digital
17-18 September, 2020, online

Registration is open. Benefit from the attractive Early Bird registration fees.

Seize the chances in corona crisis
Defy the corona virus: Be present in the market despite travel restrictions. With your visibility and presence at the leading business speed dating, lay the foundation for more success for the time after the crisis.

We make it easier for you to access the 3rd ECP Summer Summit with attractive special conditions.

8 reasons to join 3rd ECP Summer Summit
Our mission is to bring international creative people from all points of chemical production and value creation into exchange, across genders, disciplines, regions, cultures, countries and continents.

These are your benefits:

  1. Find international partners: meet international business partners in the most direct way – online. European Chemistry Partnering (February) and ECP Summer Summit (September) were attended by people from all continents.
  2. Get innovative ideas: Gain insight into the newest innovations through live online meetings. Exchange ideas to help fill your product pipeline or help further develop your technologies.
  3. Network in an interdisciplinary community: The 3rd ECP Summer Summit connects global decision makers from very different areas along the chemical and production value chain: starting from base chemicals to fine and special chemicals up to consumer goods, from the B2B business arena to the B2C products side.
  4. Schedule meetings automatically: Scheduling is easy. Meetings will be automatically scheduled based on the availability of the meeting partners
  5. Make the right deals: Present your business ideas and products in live bilateral online meetings to the relevant decision-makers with the best fit to your vision; or get inspired by contacts from disciplines you do not meet in daily business.
  6. Follow-up efficiently: Further exchange your business ideas, innovations and challenges in an easy, fast and secure way based of the blockchain portal ipOcean Global. ipOcean Global was an idea out of 1st ECP Summer Summit and is now congenial partner of European Chemistry Partnering.
  7. Save on travel costs: There’s no need to travel with our online meeting environment. Save valuable time and travel costs by getting in touch with new global contacts without leaving your office and just meet personal in February at the big annual European Chemistry Partnering in Frankfurt, Germany.
  8. Take advantage of affordable prices: Take advantage of the inviting discounts during the Corona crisis, such as the 60 percent Super Early Bird until May 14, 2020, to lay the foundation for your future business.

The 3rd ECP Summer Summit helps to leave the beaten track, to hang up the not-invented-here syndrome and invites you to get impulses by looking into other disciplines and to find congenial partners for new solutions; to make the world a bit more sustainable.

More Innovations to reach the 17 SDGs
Corona crises shows us two things:

  1. We urgently need innovations, not only in the health sector, but also in chemical production, communication, logistics, leisure, construction, care etc. and all areas that make our pleasant life possible.
  2. Creative collaboration works very well in the crisis: So what potential do we have if we get to know each other in good times, exchange ideas in a trusting community and become productive?

It is time now for more Innovations.
In order to reach the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals we need solutions to our challenges faster than ever: new, energy-saving processes and low-pollution production, new raw materials and more recycling, intelligent materials and environmentally friendly and healthy products for people and animals, from nutrition to the care up to the clothes.

Characteristics of event format
You may already know our European Chemistry Partnering. Find now your next congenial partner through our innovative, digital online partnering platform.

  • Present your cooperation offers, business ideas, technologies, products and services in live bilateral online meetings to potential cooperation and business partners 
  • Invite them to meetings in SSL-secured online meeting rooms. We will automatically schedule your meetings according to your availability
  • Discuss your offers and requests using our audio-, video- and text chat. Upload your presentation or use our download-free, screen-sharing technology to present your products, services, offers and ideas

Who will attend?
The participants of the European Chemistry Partnering and ECP Summer Summit come from the chemical industry and its processing and user sectors like consumer goods, cosmetics, plastics and adhesives, paints and varnishes, health, nutrition and analytics, as well as from the technological areas chemistry, bioeconomy, biotechnology, digitization, big data and blockchain, nanotechnology, engineering, new materials, renewable raw materials, polymers.

ECP experts, innovators and decision-makers come from these organizations:

  • Industry: Entrepreneurs from Startups, small- and medium-sized companies, big corporates and international payers
  • Investors: Founding and business angels, corporate ventures investores, venture capitalists and bank representatives
  • Multipliers: Partner from clusters & networks, associations and industrial and technology parks
  • Service Providers: Experts from research and contract manufacturing organizations, analytic providers, …
  • Consultants: Lawyers, patent attorneys, M&A advisors, recruiters and other specialists
  • Multipliers from traditional press and media as well as social media

Register early with attractive Discounts in the Corona Crises
Benefit from the very attractive ticket prices during the corona crises and prepare yourself and your business for the time after.

60 % - Corona Early Bird until 15 May 2020
40 % - Super Early Bird until 30 June 2020
20 % - Early Bird until 15 August 2020

Hotspot of decisions makers
Who takes part in the 3rd ECP Summer Summit? - These statistics give you an overview of what the average distribution of visitors to the ECP has been over the past two years.

Participating Functions

Participation Functions

Participating Organisations

Participating Organisations

Participating Countries
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark,  Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Scotland, Singapur, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Wales

Become Supporter or Sponsor
Are you interested in becoming a supporter or sponsor?

Please contact us: partnering@european-chemistry-partnering.com,
or +49 – 69 15 32 25 678

Your benefit as sponsor
Sponsors benefit from the multimedia visibility at the 3rd ECP Summer Summit, for example with a company profile plus logo, links to their website, a video lecture, special visibility on the partnering website, e.g. in the partnering rooms, participation in one of the two panel discussions, in the digital exhibition or through a digital workshop as well as mailings to the participants before and after the 3rd ECP.

Contact us for the details in the different categories DIAMOND, PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER.

Your benefit as supporter 
Supporters benefit from an attractive visibility on the website of the 3rd ECP Summer Summit as well as earning opportunities through our affiliate program.

Diamond Sponsor

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Platinum Sponsors

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Gold Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors

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  • IBioIC_Supporter_Slider_ECP.png
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  • GDCh_JCF_Supporter_ECP.png
  • DJW_Deutsch_Japanischer_Wirtschaftskreis_Supporter_Slider_ECP.png
  • The_Paint_Foundation_Supporter_Slider_ECP.png
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  • gpca_supporter_Slider_ECP.png
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  • Provadis_Hochschule_Supporter_Slider_ECP.png
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Media Partners

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Bilateral Talks

  • Participants397
  • Meetings Requested2256
  • Meetings Accepted1012


  • Australia.pngAustralia 1
  • Austria.pngAustria 3
  • Belgium.pngBelgium 11
  • Bosnia_Herzegovina.pngBosnia-Herzegovina 2
  • Canada.pngCanada 5
  • Chile.pngChile 2
  • China.pngChina 2
  • Croatia.pngCroatia 2
  • Czech_Republic.pngCzech Republic 1
  • Denmark.pngDenmark 1
  • Estonia.pngEstonia 2
  • Finland.pngFinland 3
  • France.pngFrance 7
  • Germany.pngGermany 285
  • Iceland.pngIceland 1
  • India.pngIndia 2
  • Israel.pngIsrael 1
  • Italy.pngItaly 3
  • Japan.pngJapan 2
  • Latvia.pngLatvia 3
  • Morocco.pngMorocco 1
  • Netherlands.pngNetherlands 19
  • New_Zealand_51378.pngNew Zealand 1
  • Norway.pngNorway 3
  • Oman.pngOman 3
  • Pakistan.pngPakistan 1
  • Poland.pngPoland 3
  • Portugal.pngPortugal 3
  • Russian_Federation.pngRussian Federation 2
  • Saudi_Arabia.pngSaudi Arabia 2
  • Scotland.pngScotland 2
  • Sr.pngSerbia 1
  • Singapore.pngSingapore 1
  • Slovenia.pngSlovenia 1
  • South_Afriica.pngSouth Afriica 1
  • Spain.pngSpain 11
  • Sweden.pngSweden 1
  • Switzerland.pngSwitzerland 12
  • Thailand.pngThailand 1
  • United_Arabic_Emirates_Flagge.pngUnited Arab Emirates 4
  • United_Kingdom_Great_Britain.pngUnited Kingdom 12
  • United_States_of_America_USA.pngUSA 6
  • Venezuela.pngVenezuela 1
  • Total of Participants431