Panel Discussion

17 September 2020, 14:00 – 15:00 UTC

Sustainability: How does our finance eco-system influence innovations in chemistry?

We need innovations more urgently and faster than ever before if we do not want to give up our prosperity: population growth, climate change, coronavirus, to name just a few of the current challenges.

Circular economy, sustainability, green chemistry, bioeconomy and cleantech are now recognized in many places as the driving forces behind research, development and innovation.

If we at ECP say “Chemistry makes the World go around” this refers to those products that bring us our prosperity and health. After all, 97 percent of all products are influenced by chemical production. But now our world is changing; the United Nations has provided a new framework for action with its 17 sustainability development goals (SDGs). With a view to future generations, we are all challenged to use the earth’s resources more wisely and to ensure that ecology, economy and social concerns such as job security and a better life for broad sections of society are safeguarded.

This new perspective on what is happening affects everyone, society and all entrepreneurs; It does not matter whether it is about the impact assessment of new technologies, the evaluation of an existing business or the establishment of a new business unit; and the topic of "sustainability" also influences the business models of start-ups.

When it comes to financing and moving away from a disposable economy towards a circular economy, the time has come to ask ourselves some searching questions:

  • What influence do these changes have on the allocation of capital, towards a more sustainable governance of our planet?
  • Are the sustainability development goals of the United Nations the non-plus-ultra, can or must there even be exceptions in the triad of sustainability?
  • Are our financial systems and financing mechanisms already suitable for a realignment of the entrepreneurial goals and our progress goals in society?

What points do companies and entrepreneurs already consider today? Will we experience a dramatic rethinking of corporate responsibility? And where do we have to rethink, as a consumer, as manager or founder, as an investor?


Curriculum Vitae: Florian Theyermann

Florian joined FCF in January 2006. He coordinates transaction teams with regards to corporate financing as well as merger & acquisition transactions. His responsibilities include process management, transaction preparation and execution.
He focuses on the “DeepTech” (sector of companies whose product or service offering is based on substantial scientific advances and high-tech engineering that creates real technological innovation and patents / IP). Florian and his team support growth companies – especially in the cleantech sector – in raising debt and equity capital.
Before FCF, Florian worked as a consultant at in Munich, focusing on management advisory for the financial industry.
Florian received his finance degree from the University of St.Gallen / Switzerland.


Curriculum Vitae: Kristina Jeromin

Kristina Jeromin joined Deutsche Börse Group in 2009 and was initially responsible for the internal and external communication of the Group-wide sustainability strategy. Since 2015, she is responsible as Head of Group Sustainability for group-wide sustainability management, covering the company’s roles as an international capital market organiser and DAX-listed company. Kristina is since 2018 Managing Director of the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany, member of the board at econsense – Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e.V. and member of the German Society of the Club of Rome. Kristina is a deputy chairwoman of the German government's Sustainable Finance Advisory Board.


Curriculum Vitae: Frank-Andreas Hatzack

Frank is an expert on future-driven innovation and knows how to make innovation work in multinational corporations. He advises clients from various sectors, including pharma, chemicals, shipping and construction. At the Institute he is responsible for innovation and foresight capabilities as well as teaching the Institute’s future-driven innovation course. Frank works from the knowledge that setting up a foresight-radar on the basis of megatrends is the first step to identify new opportunity search fields. The second is about turning opportunities into pipeline projects together with internal and external partners. Making both steps work in complex organizations requires strategic leadership and an entrepreneurial culture that engages with start-ups, accelerators and venture capital.

Professional Summary: Before joining the Institute, Frank was heading up Innovation Development at the biotech company Novozymes where he was responsible for front-end innovation programs and collaborative innovation. At Novozymes he also worked with customer-centric innovation, engaging Novozymes B2B customers in the innovation process together with the Account Management teams. Frank is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network and teaches as guest faculty at the Copenhagen Business School. He also is the speaker of the advisory board to the Chemical Invention Factory Berlin, an entrepreneurial development center of the Berlin Technical University. Frank holds a PhD degree in Biochemistry from Freie Universität Berlin.
Fun Fact About Frank: Frank is a practitioner of Historical European Martial Arts and passionate long-sword fencer.
Curriculum Vitae: Peter van Gelderen
Peter is a partner and co-founder of Icos Capital, a technology venture capital investor in industrial sectors, based in The Netherlands. He is responsible for the existing portfolio and new investment in the chemical sector as well as for the overall Icos investment strategy.
Icos is currently investing from its third fund under management, with 6 investments today and a target to make 10 more investments. The fund enters in series A and B companies in Europe and is set up in collaboration with strategic corporations and financial investors.
Before setting up Icos, Peter worked as strategy consultant at Deloitte Consulting and researcher into new materials at Philips Research.
Peter studied studied theoretical physics at Nijmegen University and has a PhD in computational quantumphysics and materials science.

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